False Claims Act
Court has the experience to represent corporate insiders, whistleblowers and individuals who have uncovered a fraud that are willing to provide information and assistance to the government in order to allow for the government to prosecute a wide range of fraud being perpetrated by the wrongdoers. Most whistleblower cases inherently involve some variation of a fraud being committed upon the government by corporate entities who think that the government will never catch on. However, the government has a wide variety of programs that provide financial incentives to whistleblowers who are willing to share information that leads to any government recovery. From actions under the False Claims Act to actions brought through the programs run by the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission, Court has the experience necessary to effectively prosecute the corporate wrongdoers, with or without the government’s assistance. Corporate insiders, or whistleblowers, are typically entitled to a percentage of the recovery awarded to the government, making these types of cases financially rewarding to those willing to assist in obtaining the recovery for the government. From Medicare and Medicaid fraud to false certifications and representations made to the government in order to receive government benefits, Court has the experience necessary to effectively guide clients through the maze of successfully brining whistleblower claims.