Class Actions
Court has the experience to represent individuals who have been harmed by some type of corporate action that has impacted both the individual and those other persons similarly situated. Having been formerly approved as class counsel in a large class action case against a major mortgage servicer, Court can assist those clients seeking to hold large companies responsible for their bad acts. Individuals who feel as if they may be part of a larger class of people harmed can file a civil action seeking to be a class representative should the court grant class certification. Unlike smaller individual actions, class actions are the method by which an individual can bring a case on behalf both themselves as well as on behalf of a much larger group of people seeking redress from large entities. Many times, class actions may be the only way to appropriately prosecute a specific wrongdoing of a corporation. Individual class representatives have a fiduciary duty to act on behalf of the class and may be rewarded a special class representative award for their efforts in doing so. From class actions based upon consumer rights violations to those based upon fraudulent misrepresentations, Court has the experience necessary to assist those individuals seeking to represent a class of individuals harmed by powerful corporate interests.