The constitution is the backbone of our legal system. If you think your rights have been violated we don’t just have the expertise, but the conviction to passionately defend your rights through to litigation.
We help whistleblowers and insiders shine a light on the truth. Whether it’s a business misleading the public or an agency defrauding the government, we bring those responsible to justice and rewards to those who speak out.
A formerly board certified specialist in criminal trial law (2015 – 2020), Court provides the best defense in the worst of circumstances. No matter how serious the allegation or how complex the case, we have the skill and experience to navigate every aspect of the justice system.
Sometimes you aren’t the only victim. In cases of largescale harm and wrongdoing we have expertise to file class action lawsuits that fight your corner as well as your cause.
Some injuries aren’t just serious. They can be catastrophic. In the event of life changing accidents we ensure our clients aren’t only compensated, but — more importantly — supported and cared for.
Consumers have rights too. We help consumers fight for their rights against big corporations who have wronged them. Whether it be by deceptive advertising or unfair trade practices, we have the experience to hold corporations accountable for their violations of consumers’ rights.