Footage shows man ‘crawling away’ as he was shot, killed by Miami-Dade police, lawyers say

A Miami man killed by police alongside Interstate 95 posed no threat and “can be seen crawling away” on surveillance video as he was fatally shot, his family’s lawyers said Tuesday evening.

Lawyers for the widow of Junior Prosper, who was shot to death in September 2015, said they will file a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday — and unveil a video they say shows he was killed unjustly.

It was more than a year ago that Prosper, a Yellow Cab taxi driver, crashed his car into a light-pole near an on-ramp at Northwest 119th Street in Miami-Dade County.

The shooting and investigation brought Monday morning rush-hour traffic to a halt for hours as detectives shut down Interstate 95 in North Miami-Dade.

The criminal investigation into whether the unnamed police officer acted lawfully remains ongoing. The State Attorney’s Office will ultimately decide if charges are warranted against the officer.

At the time, a Miami-Dade police union official defended the officer, telling reporters that the cop “was fighting for his life and he acted properly.”

Lawyers for Edeline Julmisse Prosper, the cab driver’s widow, say authorities continue their “effort to stonewall information about the shooting death.” Her lawyers obtained the video from a local business that was instructed by law enforcement not to release the footage, according to a press release.

The footage shows the officer “firing his weapon at the unarmed victim, who had not posed any threat. The victim can be seen crawling away from the shooter, when the officer delivers the fatal shot,” the press release said.

Prosper, 31, had just finished a shift driving his taxi. His wife was pregnant at the time of his death and is now raising four children without their father.

The press conference will be held Wednesday at 1 p.m. in front of Miami’s downtown federal courthouse. The lawyers representing her are: South Florida’s Court Keeley, Todd Poses, Chad Piotrowski, and Michael Oppenheimer and Jared Kosoglad from Chicago.

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