Founded on Principle
Challenging the conventional model to deal with the most challenging cases

The law firm of Court Keeley, P.A. represents individual clients throughout the U.S. against large corporations and government entities. Most of the firm’s clients are facing the most complex and challenging situations of their lives. Founding partner, Court E. Keeley, utilizes his extensive and diverse experience to accomplish client goals. Court’s experience includes practicing law internationally in both London, U.K. and Dubai, U.A.E. Court left his private international law practice in 2007 to join the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office, where he worked as a prosecutor on a wide variety of cases including gang homicide, armed robbery and human trafficking cases.

After spending years protecting the citizens of Miami-Dade County by prosecuting the most violent and dangerous criminals within the community, Court was awarded the prestigious honor of Board Certification in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar in 2015 (Note that in 2020, Court decided to forgo renewing his Board Certification in Criminal Trial Law as has practice had evolved to become primarily a complex civil litigation practice). He then ventured out to begin private practice again, now focused on representing individuals against the most powerful corporations, governments and organizations in the world.

From class actions and false claims act cases against banks and mortgage servicers to civil rights actions against the police and other law enforcement authorities, Court is ready to take on your cause. The firm is a boutique litigation law firm focused on giving its clients the individualized time and attention necessary for their effective representation against the most powerful adversaries.

Named after its founder, Court E. Keeley, the firm traditionally builds strategic teams around cases that maximize the resources and experience necessary to effectively manage each particular case. Having college degrees in Finance, International Business and Spanish, Court’s diverse experience before attaining his law degree includes the implementation of complex data networks and the restructuring a $200M+ pension and retirement plan. While studying law in London, U.K., Court worked for an international law firm conducting creative international financial transactions. Court then moved to Dubai, U.A.E., where he focused his practice on international securities fraud and antitrust matters. After spending several years working and living abroad, Court came home to Miami, Florida, and became an Assistant State Attorney for the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office.

Court spent approximately five years at the State Attorney’s Office, working his way through several specialized units including, but not limited to, the Career Criminal/Robbery Unit and the Gang Strike Force. When he left the State Attorney’s Office, Court was primarily assigned to gang homicide and largescale identity theft cases. Having tried capital murders, sexual batteries, armed robberies and many other types of cases before juries, Court built up the trial experience that now benefits his clients.

After leaving the State Attorney’s Office to begin private practice, Court created the law firm of Jacobs Keeley, P.L.L.C., where he focused on representing homeowners wronged by their mortgage servicers and other financial entities. As time went by, Court began building class actions on behalf of the firm’s clients and prosecuted a large False Claims Act case against a major national bank utilizing novel theories of liability.

In 2018, Court decided to restructure his practice again in order to create a boutique litigation firm where the client roster would be limited, thereby allowing more individualized focus and attention to be given to each individual case. Depending upon the case, strategic teams are sometimes formed to best benefit the client, which gives each particular action the resources and experience necessary for success.